The ten-point run that Robert Morris started the game on was a shock to everybody in that building. They needed that. For the Kentucky fans present, it was like watching someone wreck into their car helplessly.

I’m not going to bore you with a game recap though. Chances are if you’re here, you know what happened.

Four years later, I can say at this junction of my career that I sucked and most of the results of these photos are thanks to solid equipment.

For sports photographers, I highly recommend the 1DX. I only used it for a few hours but it is amazing. You will need a huge CF card, the burst and buffer is unreal and is a bargain compared to the new price. 

I decided to boost the aperture to f/8 for most of the game, pushing the ISO to the max with both cameras. That was a one-time experience that worked for the game and I did not have to worry about figuring out the focusing. While I would not recommend this in a dark venue like Sewall, it sure worked for that night. 

The biggest thing I realized was the game speed. These Kentucky guys were bigger and faster than anybody in the NEC in the handful of games I covered before that. It was maybe the fifth game I covered and the second from the baseline.

Talk about jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire!

This was the only basketball game I covered that I used two cameras. I did cover a football game. It is a bit more practical because there is a bit more room there, compared to packed baseline where everybody is bumping into each other.

I am unable to find my original selection of shots. There is a sound slide on Nick Buzzelli’s article on RMU Sentry Media with some of my pictures and there is a bunch of different shots that I did not choose. My editing and cropping also improved too.

I’ll go over the second half and the post game coming soon!


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