Pandemonium poured out onto the court from every direction once the clock hit zero. I thought I would be safe around the basket, protected by a line of “luxury” seats, but everything happened too quickly and I didn’t notice that they evacuated press row before the final buzzer until later.

While a few of the Kentucky players passed me as they exited the court, I managed to get one photo of Kyle Wiltjer, what I assume is the last shot of him in a Kentucky uniform. He would soon transfer to Gonzaga.

My 1DX ran out of space on the card not more than a minute into the court storming. I had my wide-angle lens on there, so I decided to swap it out over by the RMU bench.

That’s where I ran into Velton Jones sitting down.

People were congratulating him, but he clearly was in awe of the moment.

Deeper into the crowd I went.

As I trekked into the crowd, I came across President Dell’omo near center court, high fiving students and celebrating.

The court was packed, though, and I don’t remember how hard it was to get around. I eventually got to the other side and saw Mike McFadden getting interviewed by ESPN.

One would think I was shooting video because it seemed like every time I turned around, someone was screaming in my face.

It seemed like I spent an hour down on that packed court until they started to clear people off the court.

By then, I noticed that press row was destroyed.

Not a good thing, because I happened to stash a few bags under the table. One of the bags had my laptop in it.

Nick Buzzelli said they ended up on the court.

The good thing? I only lost a $50 dollar battery. I would hate to know what happened to it.

Not bad!

Eventually the media moved upstairs for the press conference. It was my first time editing right after a game. And I would get to enjoy the press conference too.

While starting to edit my photos, John Calipari walked in with a couple players. Nobody said anything riveting until the end of his press conference.

Coach Cal just stopped out of nowhere and said, “If we would have won at the buzzer, it would have been a shame, wouldn’t it of? It would have been a shame. We didn’t deserve to win the game.”

I don’t think anyone in that room could have disagreed with that quote. That was the press conference right there. Not much else needed said. Not too many coaches would come out and say that.

A few guys came up to the table I was working at and asked if anyone didn’t want their press passes. I had no clue who they were, but nobody wanted to give their pass up.

I hope to share some of my experiences traveling soon, along with more photos! Check back!


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