Social Media

At the 2012 Presidential Election coverage by RMU TV, I tweeted updates from a watch party and interviewing a US Congressman and a County Executive. I also provided photos and observations of various happenings during the night.

During the 2014 Election coverage by RMU TV, I used Facebook and Twitter to present content on the issues of the election, let viewers know what was coming up next, and election results as they came in.

During my time at RMU Sentry Media, I started the RMU Sentry Sports Instagram account which pushed images captured by myself and other staff photographers, building it to 300 followers. I put out content after the game and leading up to games. Along with that, I put my content out on my own social media pages.

I believe that social media is an important way to showcase content, create interest, and nature relationships. Text, video, and photos are all important to a successful social media following with an ever connected world.