Volunteer and Nonprofit Work

I had the great opportunity to join the RMU chapter of the Society for Collegiate Journalists. An important part of this organization was the opportunity to volunteer with a lot of different causes.

A big part of our efforts was the Balancing out Hunger where we got students to donate unused meal plan money to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. We even got to deliver the food to a local food bank in Moon!

In September 2014, Nick Buzzelli and I put on a car show to raise extra money for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.

We had another event at a basketball event where Jon Fisher, Dante Verme, Nick Buzzelli, and myself raised money and got the word out to students for a Communications capstone class.

Together we raised over $6,000 through all our events in the Fall 2014 semester.

During Summer 2015, I helped several non-profits, teaching inner city youth to take photos and videos. I also helped edit a video that was shown to the Mayor of Pittsburgh.